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New re-roof

Your roof is your houses safety, so why not update it with a new re roof? Whether you choose slate, tile or breathable felt membrane, we are here for all of your needs and can cater to all requirements. Don’t worry if you live in a semi-detached house and want something different to your neighbour, let us resolve your issue by using an innovative tool known as bonding gutter.

Slate roof

slate roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their smooth, chic, clean design. Roofing slates are durable, waterproof, highly resistant to chemicals and are unaffected by normal extremes of temperature. Slate roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing but have a range of benefits. Good quality slate is relatively inexpensive when looking at the lifespan of the material compared to others, and gives the house owner very little to worry about once the slate roof is installed.

Did you know that the price of your building is often influenced by materials in construction? Good slate is of high quality, giving it and the property a higher value. Slate roofing is essentially an investment into your property.

Tiled roof

tiled roofs have the lifespan of around 50 years, making it a lifetime investment. Tiles come in a variety of colours and designs, and are an environmentally friendly version option compared to other roofing materials. Red and orange are popular colours chosen by the majority, however, tiles are available in lots of shades. Contact the team at ABC Roofing and guttering today to get some more information about tiled roofs and installation of these modern options.

Did you know that clay roof tiling is one of the oldest and most used types of roofing in the whole world? This is due to its fantastic durability and the opportunity to add character to your home with the wide range of tiles available. This material doesn’t rot, withstands heavy winds and does not shrink/expand with temperature.

Commercial roofing

Commercial roofing is essentially a building material that is used on commercial structures. It is a safe and protective method of roofing and is generally flat, unlike residential roofing, often steeply slope. We offer these services as a speciality, so get in touch today!

New breathable under felt

Breathable membranes are an incredibly important part of modern roofing, as they give your roof the opportunity to breathe whilst keeping out the dust. Most breathable felt materials are recyclable and have extreme strength.

Under the breathable felt membrane, treated timber batons will sit. There are several different grades on the timber batons, depending on the knots within them. For example there is standard green, pink, and blue. Get in touch with the team today to discuss it further!

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