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Flat roofing

Within flat roofing, there are three options. This can be either felt, rubber or fibreglass. There are different benefits, implications and costs associated with all different variations, so get in touch with ABC Roofing in London for your quote today.

Fibreglass systems

We lay fibreglass roofing (also known as GRP Roofing) properly here at ABC Roofing to ensure that the roof will last for 30 years at the very least with no measurable deterioration. This means that you get the absolute best value for your money when getting your new roof up and running.

EPDM rubber roof systems

This is a highly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane, EPDM standing for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. This is widely used in low-slope buildings worldwide. Its main properties are derived from both oil and natural gas, ethylene and propylene.

Mineral felt system

Within felt, there are several different grades to choose from which the team here at ABC Roofing are more than happy to discuss with you at any time. Felt is essentially made up of layers of underlay felt and green mineral felt.

Liquid rubber system

Liquid Rubber is made up of highly advanced materials and is quickly becoming one of the most popular products being used within the construction industry, all down to its longevity and hard wearing properties. Here at ABC Roofing we have extensive experience with using this material. Get in touch today for your bespoke, free, no obligation quote.

Free no obligation quote

We offer totally free no obligation quotes which are bespoke dependant on your location and the service you require. We will analyse what you need and how long the contracted work will take us and give you your bespoke price according to the factors associated

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