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Chimney Repairs

Not sure if your chimney is in need of being repaired? Have a think about the following factors to help determine if you need a helping hand. Alternatively, call the team at ABC Roofing for your free, no obligation quote.

  • Does your chimney have any age and weather damage? This can cause the pointing of brick and mortar chimneys to erode, ultimately causing the chimney to collapse. If this is the case, don’t worry! We have a specialist team to re-point, fully rebuild or repair your chimney. Whatever the issue is, we are on hand in and around London to assist.
  • It is key that you check your chimney pots from time to time. They can come loose, and once they do its extremely easy for them to fall over and break. To help deal with this, we can offer chimney pot reseating and even replacement services if this is the issue.
  • Have a chimney pot that is no longer in use? Get in touch for our capping services, that will help your house to stop losing heat unnecessarily. Not only does this protect your home, but it also helps you to save money on expensive energy bills.
  • We can repair the cowl on your chimney pot to keep out both the rain and any birds that would otherwise hinder the chimney from drawing smoke.
Chimney Repair Leamington Spa

New chimney pot

There are a wide range of different styles, designs and colours to choose from when having your chimney pot replaced, and the team here at ABC roofing are on hand to advise you on which chimney pot is best for you.

Step flashings

Step flashing can be made with a range of materials, but most commonly made with either aluminium or copper. This protects the interface between a roof and wall from potential water leaks, which can cause lasting hidden damage.

Pointing bricks ridge tile

We offer the service of roof pointing which is essentially bonding tiles to the roof. Ridge tiles are an integral part of your roof and we are here to make it easy for you to upgrade your roof. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you today!

Chimney pot flaunching

This is the bed of mortar that holds chimney pots in place on top of the chimney stack. This is important as it helps to prevent rain water from permeating either the top of the brick or the stone of the stack.

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